Technical sheet

Easy to use

Ergonomic, accurate and reproducible.

Easy to clean

Reusable components can be easily disinfected and can also be sterilized.

Adaptation to the patient's jaws

The use of impression material facilitates the customization of the splints to the dental arches.

Protrusion/retrusion mobility

The upper jaw can move freely in relation to the lower one in an antero-posteriorl direction with or without vertical opening. This movement is performed by a rotating knob when the patient is sedated.

Delimitation of the protrusion retrusion movement

The operator limits the range of tolerable mandibular movement by setting the maximum protrusive position that the patient can perform awake so as not to exceed it during the sedation.

Increase in vertical dimension

The control of the vertical dimension can be adjusted with a guide that modifies the angle between both jaws. It is performed respecting the real rotational movement of the mandible.

Brake activation

Blocking of the protrusion/retrusion movement to fix the device in a certain position maintaining a stable mandibular position to be studied during the sedation or to perform the construction bite.

Mandibular position registration

The desired mandibular position is transferred to manufacture the mandibular advancement device with adaptable forks to the antero posterior incisors distance.
It can be done analogically or digitally.